All-in-One Solution

Pay By Text/Email

Patients carry their phones wherever they go. So, our Pay By Text/Email helps them pay wherever they are. We’ve brought the future of medical billing to your practice.


Our system auto-posts all online, in-office, and text or e-mail payments–with detailed reporting for incredibly easy reconciliation. Same-day batch report reconciliation. 

Online Bill Pay

Want better cash flow? Without needing to create an account, Online Bill Pay means quicker turnaround, 10 days faster on average than traditional billing—while being HIPAA compliant.

Paper Statements

For tried-and-true billing methods, no one has a more cost-effective solution than us. Reliable. Secure. Customizable to your practice’s unique needs.

Transform how patients pay

With more ways to reach patients and more convenient payment choices, Innovative Billing Solutions represents not just a better way for your staff to bill, but better cashflow, faster turnaround, and effortless reporting for you. 

Easy to Switch

Even Easier to Love.

Better cash flow and productivity are only a few days away. In most cases, less than a week. And it won’t cost more than your current system. That makes Innovative Billing Solutions a miracle cure for what ails your practice.

Best of all, we do all the work. Our team is fluent in all medical software systems for a seamless, worry-free transition. So contact us today. What do you have to lose, except for slow payments? 

Our Growing Partner Network

Try Our 30-Day,

Risk-Free Offer.

Hundreds of practices rely on Innovative Billing Solutions every month to help enjoy better cash flow and improved daily productivity. And every one of them wonders how they ever got along without it.

We’re so sure of your results, we offer a 30-Day Risk-Free trial. If, at the end, you’re not happy for any reason, simply tell us and walk away. Considering how happy our clients are with our services, we think you’ll want to stay.

Focus on Patients, not on Payments.

I have been working with Innovative Billing Solutions for many years on behalf of mutual clients. The service they provide is outstanding. They will not only save you money but time as well and help speed revenue with their online payment services. I highly recommend them!”

– Rhonda B., Medical Software Partner